23rd Cycling Tour of Athens

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Last Sunday we celebrated the 23rd Cycling Tour of Athens. The cycling tour took place along with the 1st Athens Bike Weekend. It was a great opportunity for me to use my bicycle as it's been quite a while since my last ride.

In Athens, you can use your bike mostly on main streets, but you can't move around freely as the biggest part of the city is built on and around hills. Fortunately, the cycling tour took place on quite level streets so all the uphill-downhill madness went away and we had great fun. There were lots of people of all ages, even whole families, as the day was fantastic and the weather warm. It was just a typical greek Spring-ish Sunday, if that's a thing!

On a similar note, today is the Earth Day and events are held worldwide to support the idea of protecting the environment. Everyone can and should take action and going to work with your bicycle is a simple example. Recycling and using less energy when possible are also quite easy. It is our responsibility to protect the Earth any way that we can, we should never forget that.